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Offering​ three  professional levels of preparedness, protection and security to effectively and efficiently ​protect homeowners best interest since 1999.

Edward Rodriguez founded Secure Contents in 1999 because he recognized home and small business owners don’t fully understand (until it’s too late) that it’s the responsibility of the home / business owner to provide insurance claim adjusters a itemized documented inventory of any and all claimed losses, “Proof of Losses” as defined on insurance policies.

His expert knowledge of insurance loss claims has rendered him a much sought-after Specialist, especially when it involves property and furnishings that can cost from tens of thousands to millions of dollars to replace. Ed’s attention to detail makes certain that every item of value is documented in a fashion that will withstand the rigors of even the most impressive insurance claims process.

His current client roster includes, A-list celebrities, rock stars, Hollywood movie moguls, chief executives, successful entrepreneurs involved in every spectrum of professional and creative endeavors. Includes managing a referral base of top notch insurance brokers, attorneys, and professional CPA / business managers ensuring you receive professional and exceptional customer service, while being well prepared and protected against financial loss.



Fire Insurance, Family Estate Planning, Divorce, Police Recovery

My “Comprehensive Digital Photography” Option

This service is an absolute financial and time saving must when it comes to having the ability to recall, prove and then verify any property insurance claim, especially after a fire or home burglary when it’s truly impossible, yet, required by both insurance companies and law enforcement officials.

I will prepare and deliver an unlimited digital photographic inventory of all the personal and/or business property within and around your property all dated, numbered and time stamped (the Imaged Inventory”).
Included with this service is my Insurance Home Inventory Interactive Guide (see below)
My ‘Added Value Cataloged Personal Property Inventory” Option

Here I will prepare and deliver a comprehensive room by room catalogued inventory record of all personal property located within and around your property (the “Catalogued Persona Property”).

Also available is a custom limited catalogued report of any collections, valuables or other high-risk theft prone possessions you own.

What You’ll Get with These Services
Upon completion you will receive one complete printed and bound report of the “Images Inventory and the Catalogued Personal Property Inventory,” together with two additional copies on flash drive and/or electronic disc for your safe and secure storage.
Note: Catalogued insurance inventories have colums for Digital Image Reference, Actual Cash Values & Replacement Cost.
But, these can be customized to meet your needs.
My “Insurance Home Inventory Interactive Risk Management Guide”

After a catastrophic loss from fire, flood, earthquake or burglary – valuing and documenting everything that was lost from your home can be overwhelming, if not impossible. This personal property guide is an easy-to-use application that takes you through the process of preparing a home inventory – so you are prepared to file and verify an insurance claim or report a theft to your police department. Disc also contains some very valuable do’s and don’ts when it comes insurance property claims.



“Due to the many disasters we have had recently, including Fire and Flood, we highly recommend this great service. I personally hired Ed back in 2004, to inventory my home, and ever since he has helped many of my clients with great results and feedback.

Joe Garcia | President
Garcia Insurance, Inc.

“Based upon the recent fires, floods and rash of robberies I would highly recommend you consider using this service. It is a small investment that can provide huge dividends.

I have used Ed for a number of years for myself as well as a number of clients.”

Steve Glodney | CPA
Mann Gelon Glodney Gumerove Yee LLP
Los Angeles, CA 90067

“Ed Rodriguez is both trustworthy and professional, two very important attributes when dealing with high net worth families. Ed is the type of professional that makes you look good to the client. I highly recommend his services”

Timothy Gaspar | CEO
Gaspar Insurance Services, Inc.

“Having spent 30 years in the Fire Department as a firefighter and fire inspector. I have personally witnessed the devastation caused by fire and water. Also, as a victim of two home robberies, I have experienced the loss of uninsured or unreported personal belongings. After having Secure Contents conduct a complete and thorough survey and inventory of our residence, we feel safe in the knowledge that our possessions are fully documented.”

Donald Tyre/ President
Fire Protection Associates,Inc
La Canada, California

“Ed provides a service which is critical to everyone insuring either personal or business personal property. His attention to detail and follow up are spectacular. Without Ed’s services a homeowner or small business owner will have a very difficult time in recovery from an insured loss. We recommend him to all of our clients. He has provided us with our own personal and business personal property inventories.”

Charles E. Underhill / CEO
Underhill Insurance Agency, Inc

“I offer this letter of reference on behalf of Secure Contents and Mr. Edward Rodriguez. I utilized Mr. Rodriguez’ services to do inventories of my residence and office. Secure Contents provided a prompt and efficient service. In all my dealings with Mr. Rodriguez, he and his company were trustworthy, honest and professional. I would heartily recommend his services to anyone.”

Law Office Of Steven Dewberry
Pasadena, California

“This letter is to inform you that I have used “Secure Contents” services, both personally and professionally, and was very happy with the results. The CD’S are all-inclusive of my belongings and complete with a notebook of the pictures with descriptions of all items. There is also space for additional information such as receipts and warranties. Mr Edward Rodriguez is very organized, instructional and handled the whole process professionally. I am very pleased to have this information available for my insurance carrier and for myself.”

Richard P. Cain. M.D
A Professional Corporation
Tarzana, CA

“Lise and I are in agreement that Ed was just fabulous. As a matter of fact Lise made the comment that he was very professional. Everything went very very smooth.”

Dr. Massoth DDS
Calabasas, CA

“Ed, I received the inventory material. It is terrific! Please use me as a Reference.”

Mr. Jerry Eberhardt
Montecito, CA

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